Robin Mead

Robin Mead is an artist.  An artist that makes beautiful vibrant art.  You should go check out her blog.  I follow her because I just love looking at her art.

She is having a giveaway right now and it is closed on the 8th.

You should really go check out her art here.


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My Journal Monday

As calm and “Balanced” as January was, February was crazy town.

My flowers are blooming and I have already seen a mosquito!

Jill is doing the My Journal Monday, so join in if you would like!

In pictures here are some of the things that have been on my table.


Just play on index cards while we were away.


Stamps I have made.  Just a few of them.  I love making my own stamps.


The Joy piece was a painting I made, then placed it in my Corel graphics program to finish digitally to print and put on a card.


This bottom is an exploration of texture over color then more color from Daisy Yellow

I got this wonderful four sided stamp I used on the above at Michaels half price.


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My Journal Monday

It’s been a couple weeks and I have been working away doing things.  Boring things.  Tax and Insurance things.

I also have been managing a little art each day but I have also been cleaning out.  Do  you ever want to just take everything outside and start over?  I wonder how much we would bring back inside.  Would you bring it all back in?

 Jill is hosting My Journal Monday where you can link up your pictures if you want.  I enjoy this because it isn’t something I feel pressured to do.  Jill is a sweetheart!

I have been playing in my calendar and have enjoyed arting it up each week.  Top right is a digital art page doodled in my graphics program and printed out as a postcard.  I also printed it on copy paper and used it on my calendar.  The little floral scribbles I did one night on some scraps left over from a sketch/watercolor book I made last week.  Going out of town Wednesday for a few days so I am getting together a travel bag of art supplies.  What to take when you want to take it all.  Just scribbling around mostly, enjoying colors.


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My Journal Monday

I have been doing so much in the Daisy Yellow “Novel Approach” class that I have had my table covered up.  I wish I could find someone to pay my bills and clean house and work for me so I could just pursue my interests. Sigh…

My Journal Monday was started by Jill and jump in if you are artsy.  I like not having to come up with anything and just showing what’s on the table.

Novel Approach classwork: The art of getting messy


This just while waiting for workmen:



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My Jornal Monday

Following Jill’s lead for what’s in my table. More of the Daisy Yellow Novel Approach workshop. These are all exercises for me that are fun because it is different than anything I have ever done.   I did collage as a kid and this takes me back to a time when I was in the moment. Not planning or thinking. Just cutting and pasting. 


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Daisy Yellow Altered Novel

I know I showed you a page from the Daisy Yellow art class I am taking but if you are interested I would like to give you the link to her page here.  They are well worth the money and I am now taking the Novel Approach workshop.  There is a sneak peek on the page and I love taking classes from Tammy because she is very patient and kind.  She does techniques that I have never done before and I started taking a watercolor class from her to learn the difference between watercolor and gouache.

The purpose of my taking Novel Approach is to learn to be more free and messy with my work.  I want perfection and was brought up being taught to do things a certain way and it is really hard to break out of that way of thinking.  There is still a neatness in my pages that I want to overcome but I can only learn by doing.

Tammy also has this lovely way of teaching that brings other areas into your work, like poetry and amazing prompts and she also does ICAD.  Index card a day which is free.  That is why I got an Instagram Account in the first place.  If you go to her blog she has a wonderful blog and gives a lot of herself to the art community.  Go check her out!

Here are a few of my things from the class.

Novel Approach01




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My Journal Monday

I’m not working in my journal right now but I have put pockets in the front and back of my planner and worked on the cover. I am always sorting and organizing as I go but I record more in my planner than a journal.

A lot of times I carry my planner instead of a purse so the pockets are for cards and documents I may need during the day.

I am taking a class with Tammy Garcia and learning some new techniques. So I will put the last page of that up as well.

My new computer is on the fritz so posting from my phone. Apologies to Jill for not linking to you right now.

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My Journal Monday

Going along with Jill’s Monday posts I will snap what I have done today.  I joined Documented Life Project and finally got all my pages printed out.  It has taken for-ever!  I got that caught up though.  I about have my Christmas tree denuded and will get that down sometime tomorrow after appointment’s.  For someone that stays at home a lot I have a never ending schedule, although we do have a business and taxes and insurances are all coming due.  I have had to rent my mom’s house since 2010 we have not been able to sell it so there is everything connected to that.

We had a great holiday and just spent it doing what we wanted about three days which is something we don’t do without having to worry about other things and people.  So I am ready for this year and things are moving along nicely.

My word for the year is Balance.  I am going to continue organizing and keep some sort of balance finding time for myself.

Here is what I’ve done.  The top is the first week of my new arty planner and the bottom is the outside which I am still decorating and the words are a workshop I am taking with Daisy Yellow on altering a book(missing some letters).  Looking at this I have done a lot in just a few days, considering I squeeze the art part in!  Go me!



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End of Another Year

Between Christmas and New Years I have had a little time to finish up some things and it was the end of the Documented Life Project which I enjoyed very much.  I am getting a book ready for another year and this year the group is making more of a planner so I am looking forward to that.

I am going to show a small tutorial of how I did this last one as I have been asked about my process, such as it is.  I really do find though in doing a little art every day that I have not had a day where I haven’t been able to do some kind of art and I find I have improved quite a bit in all areas because of that.

I started out with a page that I had cleaned my brush and added some colored scraps to.  Much like this but I thought of doing this after I started


Before the second step I wrote an encapsulated version of my year and thoughts.  The prompt was about hiding your writing.  Then I decided to use parts of this beautiful botanical napkin Susana sent me.  This is where I roughed in what I wanted where and added some gesso and pinks here and there and the strip of type in an old corny poem book I found on the right that says “Toss my heart to you to autograph-Or tuck inside your own on love’s behalf”, because in the end my hubs makes me laugh and is my saving grace some days.


Third thing I did was add some stamps just to distribute some more black in the top.  Fourth picture I added some color in the stems.  I used a blue and a drab green to get the color and began to add some color in specific places and blend the colors in the flowers.


It is always about this point I think, what a damn mess!  But I have found if I just keep going I can pull it out so I added some more leaves from the napkin and the writing and some little postal looking spots, also from the napkin.  I added another large bloom on top of the large flower because I had lost some of my definition and with napkin there is no tearing off.  In the sixth step I added another dotted stamp from the center of some big foam flowers I had that I cut the petals away and just use the center.  It has become one of my favorite stamp.  I added some more dabs of pink and white in the petals and swiped some aqua with gesso on areas here and there because I thought there was an over abundance of pink.  I also began outlining and adding depth with my white pen which is the point I know I will begin to like it.  I used colored pencil to fill in the leaves and pen to extend and fill in the flowers where the petals were missing.  I just kept adding small marks with the black pen and filling in leaves and marks in stems, adding some dabs of gesso until I finished here.


I have also been making faces for show your face and doing My Journal Monday but I never seem to get them up in the blog.

Happiest of New Years to everyone!




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My Journal Monday

I went out today and the shelves were empty.  Like a locust invasion and you hardly see any employees.  I don’t see a lot of Christmas hiring this year.  I think the online sales are doing them in and it’s much better than fighting all those people and finding parking.

I got a really wonderful gift from Susana.  I will take a photo when my light is better.  I was very touched by her generosity.  She framed one of her art pieces I fell in love with and sent it to me along with a very delicate scarf. I am still speechless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Susana.

So here is what is on my table.  My Journal Monday hosted by, if you want to join in.  I have been trying to use some scraps up and pasting and spraying and that is what I like to do to disentangle my mind from all the busy holiday flurry around me.

A new thing I am doing on the right is taking scraps of paper and sewing them to copy paper, then you can cut them out and use them on index cards or postcards as a design starter.  I found this here at iHana.  The trees are cut with my silhouette.  I wanted to see how small I could cut them without them falling apart.  These are about an inch.  I am using them in my calendar.  Just odds and ends.


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